Our Story

"It's time to pamper yourself"


Erigeron is a flower that has moved from North America to Japan, and is known as a fried egg flower because of it has yellow stamen with white leaves.  Erigeron bloomed everywhere when people were farming for a living, people called it “basterd grasses” because they interfered with agriculture. It’s sad that the name id not pretty, but it’s a flower that blooms beautifully everywhere and makes the surrounding environment beautiful. Erigeron is a beautiful and radiant creature everywhere. It has the meaning of a brand that protects the basic like a strong root and has strong vitality and beauty.



I lost my hair everyday when I wash my hair afterwork. I was like ‘Am I sick?’ so in shock.  Then I realized it was a stress and chemical component.  As the second best plan, I tried oriental medicine ingredients that are good for scalp, and proceed for 2-3 weeks. Surprisingly, my dermatitis healed quickly, Then I thought  “This is it!”  After more then 100 research in 450 days, ERIGERON a natural solid shampoo ball has been created.


Product Philosophy

Vegan Clean Beauty for Everyone

Erigeron's products are certified by the Vegan Society, the world's most prestigious Vegan Association. Erigeron also presents a new beauty that makes everyone happy by using only natural vegetable ingredients that exclude animal testing to protect the value of life.


ERIGERON Handmade soap bakery

Handmade Production with True Heart,


100% YJS Lab Self-production

All ERIGERON products are independently researched by YJS Lab moreover manufactured in 100% handmade process to deliver strong and high quality products.

‘Plastic Free’ for Symbiosis

Every single boxes made of sugar cane by-products, white birch packages to give heart, delivery boxes, paper tapes and buffers. Erigeron is packed in plastic-free packages for everyone to live together.